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What Is A V Engine? It's Design, Construction & Advantages - CarBikeTech

Also, the system achieves more than 80 percent cooling efficiency with only about 1 psi 7 kPa flow restriction at peak power, which contributes to fast torque production. Before entering the combustion chambers, the cooled air charge flows through a pair of throttle bodies, one for each engine bank.

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  • What Is A V Engine? It’s Design, Construction & Advantages.
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Each electronically controlled throttle body has a 59mm diameter opening. Its wide, 7. Smaller steps between the gears also help the engine maintain the optimal speed for maximum power at almost all vehicle speeds. With direct injection, a higher compression ratio — 9.

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A pair of engine-mounted, camshaft-driven high-pressure fuel pumps supplies fuel to the specialized injectors at 5, psi bar , with each pump supplying fuel to one bank of the engine. Unique deactivating rocker arms are used for each of the four valves of the cylinder being deactivated. Dual overhead camshafts and a virtually silent chain-driven valvetrain contribute to the smoothness and the high output of the Cadillac Twin Turbo V-8, while dual independent continuously variable valve timing helps deliver optimal performance and efficiency.

The dual independent system, which allows the intake and exhaust valves to be phased at different rates, promotes linear delivery of torque with near-peak levels over a broad rpm range, and high specific output horsepower per liter of displacement without sacrificing overall engine response or drivability.

Here's How "Hot V" Turbocharged Engines Work

Oil jets located in the block are employed for performance and temperature control. Four jet assemblies in the engine drench the underside of the pistons and the surrounding cylinder walls with an extra layer of cooling, friction-reducing oil. The jets reduce piston temperature, allowing the engine to produce more power without reducing long-term durability. Variable-pressure oiling system.

HOW IT WORKS: Internal Combustion Engine

A variable-displacement vane oil pump enhances efficiency by optimizing oil pressure as a function of engine speed. With it, the oil supply is matched to the engine load rather than the linear operation of a conventional, fixed-flow oil pump. The engine automatically restarts when the driver takes their foot off the brake.

What different engine layouts mean

An auxiliary battery powers electric accessories such as the climate system, power windows and radio during engine restarts. Two low-inertia twin-scroll turbochargers with electronically controlled wastegates and water-to-air intercooling. Please view your lighbox to modify the assets.

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Cooling is better off as well since the hot V setup separates the warm and cool parts of the turbo system. The way it's set up, the turbochargers and hot exhaust are at the top rear part of the engine, while the intake and charged air remain at the front and either side. But that's just a simple explanation. Watch the whole video to see how it works for yourself.

V Engine Construction:

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